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Marketing methodology is continuously evolving in Indonesia, more so for the digital landscape after the pandemic. With over 80% of the 268 million population having access to the Internet, Indonesian Marketing and Sales executives are constantly seeking better and faster ways to reach their target market online. This presents a Digital Ads spending pie, which is expected to reach US$6bn in 2024, for grabs to Solution Providers.

MARTECH (Marketing Technology) Solutions Exhibition and Conference provides an avenue to connect Solution Providers and Marketing and Sales Corporate Executives in Jakarta. Focusing on beneficial SOLUTIONS to needful USERS, this B2B event aims to showcase a variety of Marketing and Sales tools that can assist corporations in reaching their targets better, faster, and more cost efficient.

This is a MUST-GO for Solutions Providers, to meet with Decision Makers.

MARTECH Solutions partners with several well-known associations, and invitations to over 20,000 corporations. With extensive promotions, MARTECH Solutions aims to invite over 5,000 decision makers in the course of 2-days event.

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